Kimberly Sanchez Custom Builder, Inc.

Customer Comments

Gary S. - Custom Garage

 Kim Sanchez built a 2 car  garage for me and did a fantastic job. She made sure that I got a great  product. She made many suggestions for improvements in the design but  made sure that it always stayed within my budget. Her sub contractors  were great to work with, friendly, competent and did high quality work.  Kim was there virtually every day to make sure that the work was going  as planned and if any questions came up was there to ensure they were  taken care of immediately. I really appreciated the way Kim detailed the  cost estimates and enabled us to clearly understand what things cost  and what our options were. I could not be happier with the garage I got  and can happily recommend Kim to build a great "custom" building for  anyone! 

Timothy L. - Custom Outdoor Living Space

 Working with Kimberly  Sanchez has been a really great experience. She stepped into our scene  when it was quite a mess. The previous person we had hired to redo our  back patio stole thousands of dollars from us and left us with a torn up  patio and back yard. Mrs. Sanchez arrived on the scene and provided  great support, direction, and help. She knew exactly what to do and has  seen the project through down to the very last detail of our wishes.  Thanks to Mrs. Sanchez, we have the patio of our dreams! She hired  fantastic contractors and was very fair with all the expectations and  pricing. She is very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. We  would absolutely recommend her for any project.

Aurelia L. - Custom Home

 What a gorgeous home I  have recently moved back in to. July 2013, my home burned to the ground  and even though there were other builders chasing the fire trucks, Kim  was not one of them...........My daughter lives in Chesterfield and she  knew Kim and asked her if she would be interested in rebuilding my  home...............I met with Kim and she suggested I mentally walk  through each room telling her what was there originally. (I had just  done that for the insurance company so they would know what things were  in my home before.) Kim is a fantastic builder. I know I have a better  home than I would have had with another builder. Kim made sure  everything was what I wanted. She occasionally made suggestions but made  sure it was what I would like if we made those changes.............And,  as I said, I have a beautiful home. Everyone who walks in is blown away  by its beauty and how well it is constructed... I know if Kim were your  builder she would be just as caring with your home. She was always on  the job and speaking with her crews, they respect her as she does  them.....................I know I am going to enjoy my home for years to  come and I am so very grateful to Kim for how beautiful it is!!! 

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April N. - Custom Two Story Closet

 Working with Kimberly  Sanchez Custom Builders was really a great experience. Her contractors  were professional, neat and respectful. She was able to meet every  expectation and completed my job in the time she estimated which goes  along way in the construction world. I am so happy with my 2 story  custom closet. It is just beautiful! I would strongly recommend her from  any size project you may have.